Arbiter + Refpay Setup

Arbiter Setup

Arbiter Setup Instructions




Refpay Setup

Please follow the steps below to setup an account so you can be paid.

  1. go
  2. click on sign up
  3. choose sporting official and follow steps

Link to NCWLUA – Northern California Women’s Lacrosse Umpire Association

You will need to fill out your entire profile – including how you want transfers, bank account, etc.

You MUST use the SAME EMAIL for refpay as you use for arbiter in order for the accounts to link correctly.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get an email confirmation. Then you can follow the steps below to link to arbiter.

  1. sign into arbiter
  2. go to payments tab
  3. type in refpay username in the text box and click “submit” icon
  4. verify that your refpay account number is accurate in drop down menu

If you don’t see any account in the drop down menu – go back to refpay as your account is not completely setup

You can find these instructions here –—ref-pay.html