The NCWLUA provides a non-profit service to educate, train, and foster the growth of women’s lacrosse officials in the Northern California region. Assigning companies may vary by location.


All officials must sign and return the Independent Contractor Form before they will be assigned to any games – 2023 NCWLUA_Independent Contractor_form


NCWLUA DUES = $55 for all officials annually

Dues are paid via PayPal.

NCWLUA Membership Dues

2023 NCWLUA Membership Dues ($75 after 2/10)


Dues collections are used for the associations expenses to function as a non-profit.  Those expenses include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Annual training for an update of new rules, current year emphasis and changes to current rules for all officials.
  2. Annual on-field training to provide practice and implementation of current year rule changes for all officials.
  3. Annual tax fee, insurance, Arbiter, QuickBooks, and Refpay fees for administrative services and tracking invoicing to schools

US Lacrosse provides insurance coverage for all officials when USL dues are paid and up to date.  In the event that a school or parent files a suit against an individual the USL organization protects your interests and will provide services for the official’s protection.  See the USL website for more information.  USL also provides all the training materials, additional resources, annual test, opportunities for advancement and other rating information through the website.  All officials must provide proof of insurance through USL or NASO or some other form to officiate through NCWLUA.