COVID-19 Update

To our member leagues & schools:

The members of the NCWLUA hope that athletes, coaches, and all those that support women’s lacrosse are safe and healthy. We look forward to a new season when the leagues and schools deem it safe to once again take the field and continue playing this great game!

Check out the 2020 Girl’s NFHS Rules Changes Webinar

Here’s the 2020 Girl’s NFHS Rules Interpretation Video – quick rule clarification recap in under 8 mins

2020 Women’s Game Officials Training Manual NOW AVAILABLE!


Established in 1990, NCWLUA was the original officials organization serving the burgeoning sport of women’s lacrosse in the Bay Area.  Our commitment continues to provide well-trained and professional officials to the schools that we serve in Northern California. Every year, we train officials on the rules, mechanics, and philosophies of officiating and game management to ensure safe, fair, and legal play of women’s lacrosse.

We welcome new officials each year through our annual training.  Please fill out the form under Contact Us to get more information.  Training timeline varies each year and ranges from December to February.

All Officials interested should contact us by January 15th as classroom training can be limited.

Pay Your Dues Today!

Membership Dues

2020 NCWLUA Membership Dues ($75 after 2/15)


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