How to be an Official

New to our Association or to Lacrosse Officiating?

Returning Official’s Requirements:

  1. Join US Lacrosse @ .  Indicate that you want a membership as an official. Our Board is Northern California.
  2. Pay NCWLUA Dues online -> PayPal

    NCWLUA Membership Dues

    2023 NCWLUA Membership Dues ($75 after 2/10)


  3. Complete the Training Requirements:  Online Courses, Classroom/Clinic Training, Field Training.
  4. Pass the US Lacrosse exam – you need to complete the exam online at 
  5. Update your ARBITER account & Sign up for Ref Pay and link to Arbiter Account as all payments are made through Ref Pay
  6. Complete and email the Independent Contractor form – 2023 NCWLUA_Independent Contractor_form